Realistic, yet pleasing and convincing.

“I have a buyer who need 300,000mt a week of fuel oil, ready to buy”
“I have an allocation of 1,000,000mt of refrigerated propane per month at fixed price of 100/mt, for 5 years.”
“The margin from this shipment is USD100/mt!”

Sounds familiar? …all of these are the familiar claim almost all of us in the trading fraternity have heard many times on daily basis… these are the words of the mostly very ambitious, but inexperience traders. Sadly, many have fallen victims to these moon and stars promises.

Commodity trading has been unfortunately used as a tool to make a quick gain without realizing the disastrous ending from a careless and reckless dealings. These bad experiences were played over and over again by the victim who falls trap under the fault promises of an easy profit with minimum effort.

Enness Energia Associates is an initiative that congregates a pool of experience traders and professional expertise with over 25 years of experience from working in various Governmental and Trade organization and Industrial service providers, leveraging on our knowledge, expertise, experience and relationship with the real player of the industry.

We will bring realistically executable trade opportunities which are pleasing to the ears, yet convincing to the mind.