Enness Energia Associates

1. Commodity Trade Brokerage

Leveraging on our extensive clients in our portfolio, we guarantee that whatever your trade requirement is, someone in our address book is just what you need to get it done.

2. Discretionary Trading

We represent prominent investment group and individual investors with a pre-agreed business target.

3. Proprietary Trading

We positioned ourselves in the market where we have the competitive advantage to trade for direct trading gain. We are active in the LPG, Fuel Oil and Bitumen segments where our business partners are producers and end users.

4. Advisory Dealing and Trade Consultancy

Having directly involved in a variety of trading entities for over 25 years, we provide Advisory Dealing for clients seeking professional advise prior to executing trade. We provide market analysis, trade analysis, technical analysis and trade execution rundown.

5. Trade Financing

Trade financing mismatch can be a deal breaker. Our extensive portfolio of funders, investors and lender is the solution to help bridge the financing mismatch, so your focus remains on your trade.

6. Trade Operation Outsource.

Operational hiccups can be very costly. Our broad experience in running the trade operations will help you execute your contractual obligation smoothly, ensuring your trade margin is protected.

7. Break-bulk and Redistribution Services.

Having a fully loaded LPG on a VLGC or full capacity Fuel Oil on an Aframax can be troublesome if your intention is to trade into a niche market where limited storage capacity, draft restriction, ullage constraint or as simple as for tax benefit is the name of the play. Through our partnership with a prominent marine service provider, we provide solution to these by offering strategic services such as ship-to-ship break bulk into smaller carriers, product blending and re-manufacturing and issuance of shipping documents. All these can be carried out at a designated plot assigned to us by the Port Authority.